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Plastic Recycling Equipment Manufacturer: CHEN-TSUNG Machinery

Chen-Tsung Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. We are specialized in super crushing machines, plastic crushers, mixer machines, mixing machines, automatic screeners, and plastic recycling machine manufacturing and production. Tsung Chen applies over 16 years of experience to overcome challenges and create the most innovative and secure process technology.

Our president Mr. Zong-Mao, Chen holds the principle – Professional Service, Enthusiastic Attitude, Leading Technology, and Satisfactory Quality to lead all employees to target superior performance and service. On the other hand, we are also devoted to designing and manufacturing Super Crushing Machines; also provides uniquely designed for each client’s specific circumstance and needs. Under our core values, we strongly believe that Tsung Chen goes the extra mile to offer the best possible continuing after-sales service.

In order to expand the growth of overseas markets, Tsung Chen has a great mission to extend various business fields of Rubber, Plastic, Electronics, and Medical. Not only sell our products in the worldwide market but also serve our customers even further with these guiding beliefs: Quality First, Advanced Technology, Sophisticated Design, and Fair prices. With these values propelling us forward, let us be a partner in your business success.